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Posted By McAdams Law | September 7 2023 | Blog, Drunk Driving, DUI

Refusing a Breath Test in a DUI

Colorado drivers refusing a breath test can face severe consequences unless adequately prepared to beat these legal charges. Driving is essential to life’s daily activities, and when the ability is taken away, it can result in challenging hardships. Knowing your rights when stopped and asked to take a breath test in Colorado will better prepare…

Posted By McAdams Law | May 31 2023 | Blog, DUI

Difference Between Chemical Sobriety and Field Sobriety Tests?

You should know your rights if you have consumed alcohol before driving and encounter law enforcement during a traffic stop. Losing your driving privileges can severely impact your life, so knowing what to expect in an encounter with law enforcement is essential. Working with the team at McAdams Law Office will ensure you receive the…

Posted By McAdams Law | March 10 2023 | DUI

Will You Lose Your CDL After Getting a DUI in Colorado?

Commercial driver’s licenses, also known as CDLs, are crucially important to those that drive vehicles as their job. For many, the looming question of when, or if, they will lose their CDL after a DUI charge is a matter of having a stable career and no income at all. Reach out to a Fort Collins…

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