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Loveland, CO Criminal Defense Lawyer

Colorado state laws punish convictions seriously. The Loveland, CO criminal defense lawyer at McAdams Law Office understands that prosecutors may have mis- or disinformation about the facts. That is why we have fought hard and won for our clients over the last two decades.

We will work with experts and modern methodologies if you decide that is what is best for your case. Our firm will stop at nothing to protect your future and reputation. When we spot an opportunity to see clients walk away from their charges, McAdams Law Office will bring it to your attention and execute your decisions while avoiding all legal mistakes.

Call a Loveland, CO criminal defense attorney at McAdams Law Office today and learn more about your case and how we could help you. Schedule your Free Consultation today at (970) 353-0000 or via our online contact form.

McAdams Law Office Will Fight to Clear Your Name Against Charges

The Criminal Code of Colorado under C.R.S. Title 18 addresses a wide range of crimes. It defines each offense and sentencing guidelines. State laws are very specific when it comes to convicting crimes, indicating the prosecutors may not have met their burden of proof under these terms.

This concept allows our Loveland, Co criminal defense lawyer to investigate for valid legal defenses under the following charges:

If you retain McAdams Law Office to fight for your rights, you will have a dedicated legal team by your side, committed to preserving your innocence and freedom. Steep penalties are on the line, even for misdemeanors. Ensure you do not pay the price when you are innocent by hiring our firm to represent your case.

Our Loveland, CO Criminal Defense Attorney Will Fight For Your Rights

We stand firm in the belief that no one should accept the penalties for an unsubstantiated crime. For decades, our legal team has helped people fight their charges by determining what it is that prosecutors think they can prove and devising a strategy around our findings.

McAdams Law Office accomplishes this by:

  • Investigating your charges
  • Preserving discoverable, admissible evidence
  • Filing motions to suppress evidence or dismiss your case
  • Hiring expert witnesses when necessary
  • Attending every hearing, all the way to trial
  • Fighting aggressively to see you walk away free from court
  • Handling all communications between you and courts
  • Avoiding any and all legal errors that could damage your case

Our Loveland, CO criminal defense lawyer has a strong track record of success in obtaining favorable or less severe outcomes, including getting charges dropped, reduced, dismissed, or won. If there is a legal possibility to mitigate negative consequences, McAdams Law Office will show you the way.

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We are ready to help you get answers after an investigation or arrest in Loveland, CO and surrounding areas. You are still innocent unless convicted. Call McAdams Law Office today to schedule a Free Consultation at (970) 353-0000 or online.

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