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The Dangers Of Mile Marker 242 And 232 In Weld County

On any given night, you can pretty much predict that there is going to be a police car stationed at Mile Marker 242 and Mile Marker 232 in Weld, Colorado, simply waiting for the slightest cause to pull over someone like you, your friend, your mother, or your neighbor. The police are looking for criminals. Who they generally manage to pull over are ordinary people who perhaps had one too many drinks while on a date or at a party and who have made a mistake by putting the key in the ignition and trying to drive home.

The penalties of even one DUI are far too steep to go before the court without a qualified lawyer to represent you. Penalties include jail time, steep fines, suspended drivers’ privileges, potential loss of insurance coverage, an ignition interlock device and the humiliation of being found guilty of a “crime.”

At McAdams Law Office, you will find a criminal defense attorney who understands your predicament and knows how to defend, even in the face of difficult evidence against you. William (Bill) McAdams is a former criminal prosecutor who uses the information that he gained working cases from the inside of the criminal justice system to build strong cases on behalf of his clients who have been accused of:

  • DUI or DWAI
  • Drunk driving and drugs
  • Multiple DUIs, including second and repeat DUIs
  • Alcohol-related crimes, including hit-and-run and vehicular manslaughter

Defending Your Rights By Challenging Evidence

When appropriate, we will challenge the state’s evidence against you at every turn, in our efforts to help you beat a DUI charge. We will:

  • Challenge the breath test evidence
  • Challenging the blood test evidence
  • Challenging the field sobriety tests
  • Seek motions to suppress DUI evidence
  • Seek to protect your drivers’ privileges in DMV hearings

Experienced DUI Defense Attorney Defends Against Colorado DWAI

Talk to a fair, honest and determined DUI defense lawyer about how to defend yourself against criminal defense charges in Larimer County and Weld County, including Greeley and Fort Collins. Call (970) 353-0000 for a free consultation that is confidential. You may also send us a secure and confidential email to schedule an appointment.

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