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When Criminal Charges Involve A Protection Order

In order for the court to address the protection order in your case, your attorney must file a separate motion. If your attorney does not file a motion, the court will not address the topic. This is why it is critical to work with an experienced restraining order lawyer with experience handling protection orders, who can take all matters relevant to your case into account.

At the McAdams Law Office in Greeley, our founding attorney uses over 16 years of experience to help people facing criminal charges in Colorado. As a seasoned criminal defense attorney as well as a former prosecutor, he has the in-depth knowledge necessary to help you explore all your options.

The Law On Restraining Orders

In criminal matters, protection orders are generally a consequence of the charge itself. There is a mandatory minimum protection order in every case under Colorado law. The order states that the suspect shall not harass or molest a victim or witness or tamper with evidence of acts charged. Alleged violation of this protection order is a serious matter that is best dealt with by seeking experienced legal advice.

Protection orders are also used in DUI/DWAI cases or in other alcohol-related cases. They prohibit a person from possessing or using alcohol or other illegal substances. A protection order may also prohibit the accused from possessing a firearm.

In domestic violence (spousal abuse) or juvenile cases, protection orders or restraining orders can prevent people from living in the same house together — even if that house has been the home of the accused prior to the domestic abuse allegations. People in this situation often wonder how to get back to their house. The best possible way is to work with an experienced attorney.

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