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Greeley Sealing Criminal Records Lawyer

A Greeley Attorney Who Can Help Seal Criminal Records

Did you know that on Google it is possible, for about six dollars, to access your record? This is one of the many reasons why a person who is eligible, can and should seal his or her criminal record. Sealing a record means that your record is made private and no one — not banks, colleges, employers and potential employers and others — can have access to it. If you have a criminal record that has not been sealed or expunged, as it is also called, there are at least six background checks people can do in Colorado and in each of these kinds of background checks they will find out that you have a record.

Avoid Problems and Humiliation Due to Prior Arrests

At the Greeley, Colorado, McAdams Law Office, LLC, Attorney at Law, Mr. McAdams has represented clients who have been denied employment, denied the ability to go to college, denied apartments and who have experienced other humiliating problems as a result of a criminal record. Even if the crime occurred when you were much younger, or if you were arrested but never charged with a crime or found guilty, there is still a record of the proceedings.

Criminal defense and Colorado record sealing lawyer William (Bill) T. McAdams has extensive experience in representing clients through the confusing bureaucratic process of expungement, or sealing their criminal record from the public.

Are You Eligible for Record Sealing?

Who is eligible for record sealing?

  • 1. You were arrested but never charged.
  • 2. You were arrested but found not guilty.
  • 3. The charges against you were dismissed or you received a deferred judgment sentence.

With the increasing availability of private and public information available on the Internet, it has become even more important for those eligible for record sealing to make this happen for their own peace of mind — and for their future.

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To learn more about how attorney Bill McAdams can help you seal your record if you meet all the criteria, call to arrange a free initial consultation at (970) 353-0000. You may also send the firm a secure and confidential e-mail to schedule an appointment with this Greeley lawyer.

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