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How To Ensure Your Rights Are Protected At Each Step

One in three drunk driving arrests is a repeat offender. There is a mandatory sentence of 10 days in jail for second-time offenders, with two years of probation. If you are arrested a third time and convicted, you will be spending a minimum of 60 days in jail, in addition to involuntary enrollment in a drug or alcohol treatment program.

There is no question that you need a skilled attorney to defend you against serious DUI charges like these. People who are arrested for DUIs are not criminals, but they will be treated as such. An attorney with a proven track record of results and the knowledge and experience to mount a strong defense can play a significant role in the outcome of your case.

At McAdams Law Office in Greeley, Colorado, you will have access to a DUI lawyer who is wholly committed to protecting your freedom and your rights at every stage of a DUI repeat offender challenge. William (Bill) McAdams is a former prosecutor whose criminal defense practice is primarily focused on defending clients against drunk driving and repeat drunk driving charges. He limits his practice to courtrooms in Larimer and in Weld counties, which has given him a great deal of understanding of the varying courtroom rules, regulations and procedures, all of which he seeks to leverage to his clients’ advantage.

Finding The Right Defense For Repeat Colorado DUI Charges

We will meet with you and evaluate your case, looking at five key factors that can play a role in the development of a strong DUI defense case. We look at factors that include:

  • Were you in fact driving the vehicle?
  • Were you driving in a way that suggested impairment?
  • Was there a probable cause to arrest you?
  • Were you read your Miranda rights after arrest?
  • Were there issues with the field sobriety test?
  • Were you denied access to an attorney?
  • Were there errors in the chemical tests such as breath test operator errors or technical issues with the blood test or the urine test?

Talk To An Experienced Local Attorney About Your Defense

To learn more about how attorney Bill McAdams can develop and present a strong case for your defense in a repeat DUI case in Larimer County or in Weld County, call 970-573-7765 for a free consultation that is confidential. You may also contact us via email to schedule a free initial consultation.