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In Colorado, people can be charged with child abuse if they knowingly or recklessly put a child in a position in which the child is endangered. The child does not have to be physically harmed for a person to be charged with child abuse. If spouses are arguing and the fight escalates into violence and the child is watching or within hearing distance of the fight, the spouse can be arrested on charges of child abuse.

Charges of child abuse can have a significant negative impact on every aspect of your life, including the potential loss of your ability to see your children, the loss of your job and the loss of your freedom. Retaining an experienced criminal defense lawyer with a successful track record can play a significant role in both the outcome of your case and your peace of mind as your case wends its way through the criminal justice system.

Former Prosecutor Helps You Navigate Through The Criminal Justice System

Criminal defense attorney William (Bill) T. McAdams is here to help you navigate through the criminal justice system. As a former Greeley prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney, Mr. McAdams spent much of his time handling criminal prosecutions. He knows the way that prosecutors think about these cases, and he uses this information to leverage the best possible defense he can for people like you.

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In some cases, charges of child abuse or child endangerment can be used as a strategy in a divorce in which one of the parents wants to keep the other parent from having custody or visitation rights. The parent may seek to convince a young child that “Mommy” or “Daddy” did abuse the child. Mr. McAdams represents clients accused of child abuse in cases like these, which can involve memories that have been planted into the suggestible heads of very young children by a parent or other trusted adult.

No matter whether you have been charged with child abuse, sex abuse or any other criminal charge, Mr. McAdams has the skill, knowledge and ability to protect your rights at every stage of your case.

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