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Faulty Breath Test Evidence May Work For You

While any qualified Greeley DUI defense attorney knows there is no one way to defend a DUI defense case, evaluating and challenging the evidence of a breath alcohol test is something that skilled DUI defense attorneys regularly employ in their efforts to obtain case dismissals or drastically reduced charges for their clients. For instance, did you know that if a breath test is not done within approximately two hours of your being taken into police custody that the evidence will not be admissible in a court of law? The attorneys at McAdams Law Office have ample experience challenging faulty breath test evidence, so contact us today to schedule your case evaluation.

Former Prosecutor Knows How To Fight DUI Cases

If you have been arrested on charges of driving while ability impaired (DWAI) or driving while under the influence of alcohol (DUI), the experience of your DUI lawyer can be crucial to the outcome of your case. At the McAdams Law Office, in Greeley, you will have access to a former prosecutor turned DUI defense lawyer who understands how to build cases with the prosecutor’s perspective in mind — and who knows how to design to overcome the prosecution’s case.

Lawyer Bill McAdams will evaluate your case for its weaknesses and its challenges and explain all of your options and potential consequences. He has brought more than 60 cases to jury trial, and has extensive understanding of the rules, regulations and players in the Larimer and Weld county courtrooms. Read more about his cases through his client success stories.

Evidence Problems That May Benefit You

Mr. McAdams will seek to identify breath test problems that can include:

  • Has the machine been properly certified?
  • Was the operator of the Breathalyzer machine properly certified?
  • Was the Intoxilyzer machine properly calibrated?
  • Was the solution of the machine changed within 28 days or 96 tests?
  • Was there alcohol on your breath from a breath mint or other artificial inflators?
  • Was there alcohol detected from body alcohol generated from specific gastric, kidney or liver conditions?

Focusing on breath test evidence is particularly important in cases that are straddling the line between DUI and DWAI, because penalties are substantially decreased in a DWAI.

Your attorney will also review blood test evidence, field sobriety tests, police mistakes or wrongdoing all in an effort to dismiss evidence or beat a DUI charge.

A Local Attorney Who Knows How To Find The Right Defense For You

If you have been accused of a repeat DUI or as a habitual drunk driving offender, learn how a former prosecutor can help defend you. Call (970) 353-0000 for a free consultation that is confidential. If you’d prefer, we are also available through email.

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