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When You Need A Strong Juvenile Defense

The juvenile system has different rules from the adult criminal system. Without guidance from experienced counsel who knows this system, you may jeopardize your chances for dismissal or reduction of the charges.

At the McAdams Law Office in Greeley, we represent clients throughout Weld County, Larimer County and Morgan County, including minors charged with juvenile delinquency and other crimes. With practice experience in the Weld County District Attorney’s office, we know how criminal cases are prepared and can identify weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case. If you have been charged as a minor or if your child faces delinquency or criminal proceedings, contact our offices to set up a free initial consultation.

Matters Of Colorado Juvenile Law

Our juvenile defense practice includes a broad range of criminal matters, most of which are considered delinquency charges rather than crimes:

  • Drug cases. We defend minors in all types of drug prosecutions, including possession of controlled substances, such as marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal sale or distribution of drugs, including prescription pharmaceuticals, which are often prescribed for parents.
  • Minors in possession. We represent juveniles who have been charged with illegal possession of alcohol, including offenses involving DUI or DWAI.
  • Theft offenses. We defend juveniles charged with all types of theft offenses, including shoplifting, larceny, burglary or robbery.
  • Assault. We represent minors who have been charged with unlawful physical contact with another person.
  • Menacing. In Colorado, you can be subject to criminal prosecution for behavior that is threatening to others. Often, our successful strategy in these cases is showing that what was allegedly a threat was protected free speech.
  • We will act as your advocate in all proceedings although, as a practical matter, juveniles rarely face a jury trial, except in cases involving violence.

Because even the most serious of these charges carry a maximum penalty of two years, your defense attorney often has a great deal of leverage when negotiating a plea. At the McAdams Law Office, we have achieved a proven record of success in this area.


In most situations, if a juvenile matter is properly handled, the conviction can be expunged or removed from your record, when you become 18 years of age. We will take the appropriate action so that, even if you are convicted, your record can be wiped clean when you become an adult.

Student Disciplinary Actions

An arrest can affect your ability to attend school or receive student loans. If you or someone you love are facing student disciplinary action after a legal matter, working with an attorney at the McAdams Law Office can help. We can guide families through administrative matters and represent them to protect their interests.

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