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Greeley Juvenile Defense Lawyer

The Greeley juvenile defense lawyer at McAdams Law Office takes a compassionate approach toward young people facing legal consequences. For more than 20 years, our legal team has kept juvenile clients on track while supporting a healthier future and outlook for them.

While every case outcome is different, our founder formerly served as a state prosecutor for Colorado and knows how the state could potentially handle your case from experience. This knowledge, coupled with our extensive legal resources and abilities, can help you mount a legal defense that gives your child the results they deserve.

You can learn more about what a Greeley juvenile defense attorney thinks of your case by contacting McAdams Law Office for a Free Consultation. Schedule yours by calling (970) 353-0000. We also welcome you to message us here about your issue.

McAdams Law Office Represent Tough Juvenile Matters

McAdams Law Office knows how a conviction could upend a young life before it even begins. We will approach your child’s case and court with the mind of a lawyer while treating your child with an empathetic “desk-side” manner.

Our Greeley juvenile defense lawyer is ready to defend a wide range of statistically frequent charges, including:

  • Drug offenses: Colorado drug offenses are serious charges for a minor to face. A conviction can derail their young life. Hire McAdams Law Office to defend possession, trafficking, and paraphernalia charges.
  • Minors in possession: Although minors experiment with alcohol, it is still illegal for them to have it. However, prosecutors may not have all the facts. We represent juveniles accused of unlawful alcohol possession, DUIs, and DWAIs.
  • Theft offenses: Theft offenses include robbery, burglary, and shoplifting, a common crime committed by teens. Our  juvenile defense attorney in Greeley will investigate the facts and defend your child if they face Colorado theft charges.
  • Unlawful physical contact: Unlawful physical contact is when your child stands accused of threatening or harming another person. Roughhousing or an accident may have triggered the victim’s injury.
  • Menacing: Menacing is repeated, intentional behavior that annoys or bothers others. Protected free speech is often a viable defense in some cases.
  • License revocations & suspensions: Your child may need a vehicle to go to work, play sports, and help around the house. McAdams Law Office will fight for their right to drive.

Your child could be facing other charges outside of the above-referenced matters. Regardless of their charges, contact our Greeley juvenile defense lawyer to protect their legal rights and future.

Juvenile Courts Will Consider Your Child’s Future

Because even the most serious of these charges carry a maximum penalty of two years, your Greeley juvenile defense attorney often has excellent leverage when negotiating a plea. At the McAdams Law Office, we have achieved a proven record of success in this area.

Other legal options can also support your child’s future, including:


In most situations, if a juvenile matter is handled correctly, the conviction can be expunged or removed from your record when your child turns 18. We will take the appropriate action so that, even if you are convicted, their records can be wiped clean when they become adults.

Student Disciplinary Actions

An arrest can affect your ability to attend a school or receive student loans. If you or someone you love are facing student disciplinary action after a legal matter, working with an attorney at the McAdams Law Office can help. We can guide families through administrative issues and represent them to protect their interests.

CO’s Juvenile Court Process Is Similar to Adult Criminal Courts

While the Colorado juvenile court system is intended to be rehabilitative rather than punitive, underlying penalties can still work against your child’s best interests. Not only is the system intimidating, but your child will also have to suffer a potential criminal record and an uncomfortable conversation with their peers about the distressing experience they faced.

The Greeley juvenile defense lawyer at McAdams Law Office will stand by your and your child’s side at every legal event, including:

  • Detention hearing
  • Bond
  • Pretrial release
  • Preliminary hearing
  • Status hearing
  • Trial

We will also prepare you and your child for what could potentially unfold in the courtroom and during opposing side investigations. You will never be left in the dark about how to handle every situation. McAdams Law Office will meet with you before every hearing to ensure that you and your child are ready to move forward.

Your Child Could Be Tried as an Adult in Colorado

Some circumstances give the state authority to prosecute your child as an adult. Per CRS § 19-2.5-801, prosecutors can file adult-level charges if certain factors are present and your child is 16 or older.

This statute allows for minors to be tried as adults if:

  • The crime was a Class 1 or 2 felony
  • They allegedly committed:
    • Sexual assault, or
    • A violent crime
  • They have a prior juvenile felony on their record

Prosecutors still need to prove their case, which is not always easy, especially when the accused has an experienced Greeley juvenile defense attorney. If we can get your child’s case moved to a juvenile court, we will discuss a plan of action and execute it upon your directive.

McAdams Law Office Can Help Your Family Move Forward

The juvenile criminal court system follows different rules and guidelines than the adult courts. Additional opportunities to keep your child’s record clean may exist. However, you may not know about them without the help of a Greeley juvenile defense lawyer on your child’s side.

Regardless of the facts, if McAdams Law Office can get their charges dropped, dismissed, or beat at trial, our legal team has the resources and knowledge to craft compelling arguments and pleadings that fight for your and your child’s rights.

Call a Greeley Juvenile Defense Attorney at No Cost

If you want to know how our legal team could help, contact McAdams Law Office. A Free Consultation will give you the starting point you need to make sense of the situation your family faces. Call now to schedule yours at (970) 353-0000 or message us online via our contact form.

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