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Helping You Understand Marijuana And Driving Laws

Although Colorado was one of the first states in the country to legalize marijuana, there’s a common misconception that legalizing marijuana also means it’s legal to drive under the influence of marijuana. It is not. It is still illegal to smoke and drive, and the consequences for driving while under the influence of marijuana is the same as drunk driving.

At McAdams Law Office in Greeley, we know the laws regarding driving while high, and we are dedicated to ensuring your rights are being upheld.

There Are Consequences To Using Marijuana And Driving

Regardless of the Colorado laws on personal and medical marijuana use, the fact remains that driving while high is illegal and you can be charged with a DUI. Complicating matters, the limit determined to warrant an arrest is five nanograms, which is a very low amount.

It doesn’t matter if you are legally prescribed marijuana or if you have only used a small amount, you can still be charged with a DUI. Habitual marijuana users might be at a greater risk, as the amount of THC in their systems can remain above the limit at all times.

The Complications Of Sobriety Tests And Marijuana

Many officers in the area are not trained in DRE, which means they might conduct Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs). A field sobriety test for marijuana is not accurate, and may result in unwarranted arrest.

Our lead attorney, Mr. McAdams, is skilled and uniquely qualified to help you if you were charged with drugged driving. He has taken the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) course for attorneys, which gives him comprehensive knowledge of the DRE course that police officers are required to take in order to administer the 12-step drug evaluation to determine if there are any chemicals in your body. Comparing his knowledge with how the arresting officer handled your case can help Mr. McAdams craft a DUI defense.

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