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Fort Collins, CO Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you or a loved one face serious criminal charges, get the legal advice you want and deserve from a Fort Collins, CO criminal defense lawyer at McAdams Law Office. With over two decades of experience, our legal team will show you how committed we are to seeing you walk away free from all criminal penalties.

From drug offenses to traffic offenses, we will apply our investigatory resources and techniques to your specific situation while remaining compliant with all laws. Find out how McAdams Law Office could help you clear your name, even if prosecutors think they have a lock-tight case. Call us for your Free Consultation at (970) 353-0000 or online.

McAdams Law Office Protects the Wrongfully Accused

Colorado’s criminal code under C.R.S. Title 18 protects your right to remain innocent until proven otherwise by prosecutors. This means that you have the right and ability to have your day in court. However, accomplishing this objective is very challenging in many cases.

If you hire a Fort Collins, CO criminal defense attorney at McAdams Law Office, we will look for every opportunity to clear your name when facing the following charges:

A thorough investigation of your case, conducted by our office, may reveal key findings missed by police and prosecutors or that they mishandled it in some way. McAdams Law Office will preserve all evidence gathered independently and present it at the right moment.

Why Hire a Fort Collins, CO Criminal Defense Lawyer

Prosecutors assigned to your case will ‘run the show’ in the courtroom if you go unrepresented. Under these circumstances, you could face civil rights violations or penalties for a crime that you did not commit. You do not have to let this happen.

McAdams Law Office will provide you with a strong defense that includes:

  • Negotiating an early release if detained
  • Preserving vital defense evidence
  • Engaging with expert witnesses when developing alternate theories
  • Scrutinizing police and prosecutorial methodologies for misconduct
  • Providing you with ongoing counsel and advice

The specific strategy that we apply to your case will be based on the facts and law so that you have every fighting chance of walking away free. McAdams Law Office takes a personalized approach to every case and will do what it takes to aggressively defend your charges.

We Hold the Justice System Accountable to Your Rights

Hiring legal counsel is essential when facing severe, or even seemingly minor, criminal charges. A criminal record can follow you around for the rest of your life and affect your personal and professional relationships.

Also, you are not legally responsible for committing an unproven crime. The Fort Collins, CO criminal defense attorney at McAdams Law Office will represent your rights and objectives when defending this assertion.

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