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Greeley Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

The Greeley domestic violence defense lawyer at McAdams Law Office represents those wrongfully accused of harming a partner or family member. With more than 20 years of trial experience, our firm takes a strategic approach to every case. Our legal team will firmly commit to your freedom while educating you about the law and how it affects your situation.

It is this level of dedication and service that people have come to expect from McAdams Law Office. We offer responsive legal care and services while remaining connected with clients throughout the legal process. Your case will receive personalized attention while receiving protection at every phase of your case.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you, contact a Greeley domestic violence defense attorney. Our legal team welcomes you to contact us for specific information about your situation. Call McAdams Law Office for a Free Consultation by calling (970) 353-0000 or messaging us online.

The Law On Domestic Violence In Colorado

Under Colorado law, domestic violence allegations are used as a sentence enhancer to increase penalties for other crimes, like assault or harassment. A person cannot solely be charged with “domestic violence” as a crime. If you have been arrested on a spousal abuse charge, you face several potentially unpleasant consequences under a host of other charges.

The Greeley domestic violence attorney at McAdams Law Office will defend your charges, including:

  • Assault: Assault charges result from an alleged injury to another person. They are misdemeanors or felonies depending upon the circumstances per CRS §§ 18-3-202204.
  • Child abuse: Child abuse is when someone harms a minor under 16. It is a misdemeanor or felony crime, depending upon the severity per CRS § 18-6-401.
  • Elder abuse: Colorado does not recognize elder abuse as a crime. However, like domestic violence, it is a sentence enhancer if the alleged victim is 70 or older.
  • Harassment: Harassment is the intentional bothering of someone using menacing communications. A conviction is a petty offense or a misdemeanor in Colorado per CRS § 18-9-111.
  • Menacing: Menacing is using threats to make someone else fear for their physical safety or life. This offense would be a misdemeanor or felony if a deadly weapon were involved under CRS § 18-3-206.
  • Stalking: Stalking is a form of predatory behavior that poses a repeated credible threat that causes the alleged victim to suffer emotional distress under CRS § 18-3-602.
  • Unlawful sexual contact: Unlawful sexual contact is groping or fondling someone without consent under CRS § 18-3-404. The state punishes it as a misdemeanor but could also be a felony if intoxicating drugs or threats were used to subdue the victim.
  • Violating a protective order: It is a misdemeanor to violate a protective order in Colorado. Penalties and jail time could apply under CRS § 18-6-803.5.

As a prosecutor, attorney Bill McAdams spent much of his time in the District Attorney’s Office handling domestic violence prosecutions. He is adept at handling these cases and knows what actions to take to achieve the best possible results. At our Greeley, Colorado, law firm — the McAdams Law Office — he has a history of favorable results defending these cases.

Colorado Takes a Tough Stance Against DV Convictions

There are serious repercussions associated with a Colorado domestic violence conviction. First, the judge will impose a mandatory protection order. This means you might not be able to return home or spend time with your children either.

If you get convicted of the original crime, other penalties for a DV conviction may include:

  • Anger management classes
  • Deportation
  • Evaluation and treatment
  • Thousands in fines
  • Gun and firearm Restrictions
  • House arrest
  • Jail or prison time
  • Probation or parole
  • Additional Restrictions as ordered

Long-term consequences of a conviction are also possible, even long after you have served your sentence and paid fines. Domestic violence can negatively impact your ability to get custody during divorce hearings. The Greeley domestic violence lawyer at McAdams Law Office will work toward mitigating the impact on your life.

Domestic Violence Charges Are Defensible

We will devise a compelling and meritorious legal defense if you hire our firm to represent your case. While every point is unique, McAdams Law Office will look at your case from a fresh perspective steeped in more than 20 years of experience to help you achieve your goal of avoiding a conviction.

Examples of defenses that your Greeley domestic violence attorney may utilize include:

  • Alibi defenses
  • Mistaken identity defenses
  • Self-defense
  • False accusations
  • Civil violations
  • Isolated incident
  • Accidental injury

The above-referenced defenses may or may not apply to your situation. Regardless of how strongly prosecutors feel about their case against you, your Greeley domestic violence lawyer at McAdams Law Office will not let opinion sway us from facts and evidence.

A Greeley Domestic Violence Lawyer Represents Your Side of the Story

In our experience, domestic violence is difficult to prove at trial, as it often comes down to “he said, she said,” which is seldom sufficient to convict. Because the costs listed above are estimates generally at the bottom of actual expenses, you may save money and your reputation by hiring a lawyer to handle your domestic violence charge.

Most cases involving domestic violence never go to trial, and many that make it to trial are challenging for prosecutors to win. It is advantageous to work with a Greeley domestic violence lawyer possessing a deep bench of trial experience. McAdams Law Office will protect your rights and take your case to trial if necessary.

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