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How To Develop A Great DUI Defense

When Greeley DUI defense attorney William (Bill) McAdams evaluates DUI defense cases for men and women who seek his counsel, he will typically explain how he sees their case in a free initial consultation. He uses five factors that can come into play in any DUI defense case.

Bill’s evaluation is based on his years of experience as a criminal prosecutor and as a private practice DUI defense lawyer focused on defending clients accused of drunk driving and related charges in courts throughout Larimer County and Weld County. After this free initial consultation at our Greeley law firm, these men and women will know what the potential consequences of conviction may be, they will know how serious the charges are, and they will have an understanding of their legal options. This is the information that you will need to make an informed, wise decision about how to protect your rights and your freedom.

The factors of a DUI that attorney Bill McAdams uses to evaluate your case include:

1. Was there reason to pull over your car? The National Highway Transportation Safety Association guidelines give 24 indicators of drunk driving that give police reason to pull a car over. These include driving too slow, weaving or drifting in lanes, and other factors. It is possible that you were pulled over for the wrong reasons, and then we can make a motion to have your case dismissed.

2. Were you subjectively observed as having any of the symptoms of having alcohol in your system, such as bloodshot eyes, slurred speech or other unusual actions? If not, then we can use this to help overcome evidence against you.

3. What statements did you make while under the observation of the police? Were any statements of guilt coerced? Were your statements taken the wrong way on purpose? There is great potential in cross-examining the arresting police officer in these areas.

4. What roadside maneuvers, if any, did you perform and what decision did the arresting officer make based on these roadside maneuvers? There are only three standardized, or objective, roadside maneuvers, while there are many subjective roadside maneuvers that can be challenged because they cannot reliably indicate drunken behavior.

5. What were the results of your chemical test, meaning the blood alcohol test or breath alcohol test, and was the test administered in accordance with the law? Or did you refuse to be tested at all? There are a variety of ways to poke holes in breath test or blood test evidence, including the amount of time that lapsed before you were tested, the calibration of the machine that tested you, the certification of the person who administered the test, the quality of the machine itself and other factors.

Once your case is evaluated, Mr. McAdams can help you understand if it is possible to beat a DUI charge and the strategy he will employ to defend your rights against a DUI or DWAI charge or repeat DUI charge.

Call A Former Prosecutor To Defend You Against A Drunk Driving Charge

Mr. McAdams is prepared to represent you whether you have been charged with a first-time Greeley drunk driving offense, a repeat DUI in Fort Collins, a driving while impaired with drugs crime or an alcohol-related crime. He has decades of experience developing strong DUI defense cases. The sooner you retain a skilled Greeley criminal defense lawyer, the better your chances are of having a positive outcome in your case. Call (970) 353-0000 for a free confidential consultation. You can also reach us through email.

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