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Why Do I Need a Skilled DUI Lawyer?

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Many drivers who have been arrested on DWAI or other drunk driving charges believe that there is no way to avoid conviction and steep penalties. And that’s what the police want you to believe. The truth is that each year, many thousands of people who are facing drunk driving charges have been successful in having their cases dismissed or in having the charges drastically reduced.

The reason they have been successful is that they have chosen the right lawyer, a lawyer who understands the incredible complexities of DUI, DWAI and DUID laws and knows how to put that knowledge to work in any given defense situation. An experienced Greeley drunk driving defense attorney can evaluate your case and identify all of your defense options and use all the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to press your advantage. This can lead to a potentially positive outcome in your specific case.

Former Prosecutor Turned DUI and DUID Defense Lawyer

At the McAdams Law Office, LLC, Attorney at Law, in Greeley, Colorado, William (Bill) McAdams is a former criminal prosecutor. Because of his experience, he has the ability to look at a case from a prosecutor’s perspective and develops a strong defense with this in mind. He also has extensive understanding of local DUI and DUID law; in particular, he has a great deal of experience pressing for case dismissals and reduction of charges in DUI and DWAI cases in courtrooms throughout Larimer County and Weld County. He knows the local police officers in these counties, the investigators, the prosecutors and the judges. He has earned a reputation as a hard-hitting defense attorney well prepared to protect his clients’ rights at every turn in a case.

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Why Do I Need a Skilled DUI Lawyer?

You may count on Bill McAdams to work with you in a professional, respectful and supportive manner to create the strongest-possible case that is tailored to the unique circumstances surrounding your arrest. Depending on the specifics of your case, he may:

  • Seek a full dismissal of the charge
  • Seek a reduction in the charges to a DWAI
  • Minimize the consequences of a DUI or repeat DUI conviction

Talk to a Greeley Multiple DUI Attorney About Defending Against a Colorado Repeat Offense DUI

To learn more about how attorney Bill McAdams can develop and present a strong case for your defense in Larimer County or in Weld County, call (970) 353-0000 for a free consultation that is confidential. You may also send the firm a secure and confidential e-mail to schedule an appointment with this Greeley lawyer.

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