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Greeley License Suspensions & Early Reinstatements Lawyer

The Greeley license suspensions & early reinstatements lawyer at McAdams Law Office knows how to navigate the complexities of Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) issues in Colorado. Hiring our legal team can mitigate the impact and confusion surrounding your rights and defense options.

Over the past two decades, we have helped clients retain their driving privileges and defend against charges running concurrently in the criminal court system. McAdams Law Office uses advanced investigatory techniques and legal resources to discover key facts about your case. Our primary objective is to see you walk away from the courtroom free.

If you want legal advice, speak with our Greeley license suspensions and early reinstatements attorney. Our firm will take the time to learn about your case and explain your options before hiring us. Call now for your Free Consultation at (970) 353-0000 or by messaging us online.

McAdams Law Office Provides Comprehensive Representation in Colorado

Retaining the right to drive is usually the top concern for people with a suspended license. Being unable to drive could cause you to lose your job, drop out of school, and fall behind on caring for dependent family members and yourself. The Greeley license suspensions & early reinstatements lawyer at our firm will look for every opportunity to prevent that from happening.

McAdams Law Office routinely represents clients facing the following legal issues:

Regardless of what issues you face with your license, count on the Greeley license suspensions early reinstatements attorney at McAdams Law Office to be there at every phase in your case. Our extensive experience in hearings, conferences, and trials allows us to present a compelling argument on your behalf while educating you about the law and various legal philosophies that apply to your case along the way.

Understanding Colorado License Suspensions & Early Reinstatements

If you lose your license for any reason, it can make life difficult. On top of inconvenience, confusion exists about how and when you can get your license reinstated. Colorado has different rules about early reinstatement depending on why your license was initially suspended.

Early Reinstatements

If your license was suspended for a DUI-related reason, you have options. With the appropriate measures, your license may be eligible for reinstatement within 30-60 days instead of nine months. The requirements vary depending on your blood alcohol content and whether it was the first offense.

Some of the requirements for early reinstatement include:

  • Installing an ignition interlock device on all of your vehicles
  • Completing an alcohol certification form
  • Enrolling in an alcohol education course
  • Paying fines and fees

While the options and costs may vary, an experienced Greeley license suspensions & early reinstatements attorney can help you through the process while fighting for your right to drive.

Non-Alcohol Related Offenses

If your license has been suspended for reasons other than a DUI offense, you can get what is known as a Colorado “red license,” per CRS § 42-2-116. This discretionary license provides you with limited driving privileges while driving to and from work or school. These suspensions generally last for one year.

At McAdams Law Office in Greeley, our founding attorney has over 20 years of experience representing people who need to retain their right to drive. Our Greeley license suspensions & reinstatements lawyer will use their legal knowledge, resources, and hands-on experience to execute a strategy that supports your objectives.

You Could Face Additional Penalties From Concurrent Criminal Charges

Some misdemeanor and felony offenses result in the immediate suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. If this applies to your situation, you will face the DMV to defend your right to drive and deal with the criminal court presiding over your other charges.

McAdams Law Office can represent you through both matters while defending you against the potential penalties associated with:

The most important thing to do in this situation is to avoid taking risks. Stop driving until you can legally do so again and speak with the Greeley license suspensions & reinstatements lawyer at McAdams Law Office. The legal options available in your situation may get you back on the road sooner than you think.

Get Legal Advice Early From a Greeley License Suspensions & Reinstatements Attorney in CO

Early intervention is essential when handling DMV matters and license issues. As such, you may want to speak with a Greeley license suspensions & early reinstatements lawyer sooner than later. It allows us to request timely hearings, preserve evidence, and review what prosecutors and police are alleging.

McAdams Law Office Offers Free Consultations

Our law firm has a deep bench of experience and resources regarding licensing issues. If you have questions about your legal situation, McAdams Law Office can help. Schedule a Free Consultation with our legal team by calling (970) 353-0000 or completing this online contact form.

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