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We Understand How To Challenge Blood Test Evidence

There are myriad ways to challenge the evidence of a blood test for alcohol, and an experienced attorney will find every single one of them. For example, did you know that if the police officer who pulled you over did not inform you that by driving you have consented to a chemical test to discern if there is alcohol in your blood that the results of the test can be suppressed. This is the case even if your blood alcohol test results reveal that your BAC is off the charts.

It is critical for anyone arrested on a drunk driving charge to retain a lawyer experienced in defending clients against this special subset of criminal law, alcohol-related crimes. Even if the blood test shows you are legally intoxicated, there is still a defense, and at McAdams Law Office, you can be certain that Bill McAdams will uncover every weakness in the prosecution’s case in his efforts to get a case dismissal or a vastly reduced charge.

Identifying Problems With The Blood Alcohol Test (BAC)

If any of these criteria were not followed, then an experienced DUI defense lawyer may be successful in having blood test evidence suppressed; and if there are extreme problems with the blood test evidence, case dismissal is a possibility:

  • Was the blood kit sterile?
  • Was the blood drawn within a reasonable amount of time after your arrest?
  • Was the lab certified for taking these kinds of tests?
  • Was the lab’s certification up to date?
  • Was the person who drew the blood sample trained appropriately?
  • Was the swab that was used to clean your skin contaminated?
  • Was the blood test kit used after its expiration date?
  • Was the calibration of the gas chromatography device accurate?

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Learn how an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Greeley can work with the evidence of your breath alcohol test (BAC) or blood test or other aspects of your case to build a strong defense in your DUI, DWAI, or repeat DUI case. Please call McAdams Law Office, at 970-573-7765 for a free and confidential consultation. You may also reach us through our online contact form.