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Greeley Assault Lawyer

The Greeley assault lawyers at McAdams Law Office has the experience, resources, and results to defend against your charges. For over two decades, we have helped the wrongfully accused fight their charges at the state and federal levels.

Every matter across our desk receives personalized attention and solutions that preserve your freedom and rights. We will thoroughly investigate the facts and present our findings effectively at hearings, conferences, and, if applicable, at trial.

Our legal team can provide candid, honest feedback about your situation and potential future. Give McAdams Law Office a call for a Free Consultation at (970) 353-0000 now or message us privately about your case here.

The Law On Assaults In Colorado

At the McAdams Law Office in Greeley, Colorado, our Greeley assault lawyer helps clients build strong defenses to assault crimes by acting quickly. We review all records as soon as possible and investigate potential witnesses and evidence of the crime.

Our goal is to fight your charges from the moment we start working together until the moment matters are resolved in your favor. This approach has helped us achieve a record of success in many challenging cases.

There are three categories of assault that we defend, including the following charges:

First-Degree Assault

First-degree assault is the most serious type of assault crime per CRS § 18-3-202. It is charged when a person intends to cause serious bodily injury, disfigurement, or dismemberment, displays extreme indifference to human life, or knowingly employs conduct that creates a grave risk to life and causes serious bodily injury.

A conviction for first-degree assault carries significant penalties, including prison and jail time. Working with an experienced Greeley assault lawyer is the most proactive way to defend your rights.

Second Degree Assault

Second-degree assault is considered less severe than first-degree assault, but it is still a felony under CRS § 18-3-203. It is usually charged when the assault is committed in the heat of the moment or during another felony.

Third-Degree Assault

Third-degree assault is a misdemeanor. It involves physical assault that results in bodily injury when committed knowingly and recklessly, as part of criminal negligence, or with a deadly weapon per CRS § 18-3-204.

Domestic Violence Charges

In Colorado, many charges of assault, battery, or harassment are charged in conjunction with allegations of domestic violence. If you are facing domestic violence charges, work with an experienced Greeley assault lawyer who can truly protect your rights.

Assault Charges Carry Severe Penalties in Colorado

The legal consequences of an assault conviction affect your civil rights and personal opportunities. Since assault is a crime of violence, your record could precede you on a background check, even long after serving your sentence.

Possible penalties for assault charges in Colorado include:

  • Prison time
  • Probation
  • Thousands in fines
  • A criminal record
  • Trouble finding a job
  • Challenges finding an apartment

The Greeley assault lawyer at McAdams Law Office understands what is at stake for every client. Our legal team will consider the allegations and facts of your case and devise a strategy to preserve your freedom and rights.

How McAdams Law Office Can Help You or Your Loved One

McAdams Law Office is a team of dedicated legal professionals doing what it takes to achieve client objectives under state and federal law. We will stand by your side firmly no matter how impossible a case may seem.

You or your loved one can also count on our Greeley assault lawyer to deliver the following responsive services:

  • Results: Every case is different, meaning every accused person needs a unique approach, no matter how much it seems like a similar case. McAdams Law Office carefully investigates and analyzes every criminal case to recommend a strategic and tactical defense.
  • Experience: For more than 20 years, our firm has successfully defended the rights of questioned, arrested, and tried individuals throughout Colorado. You can put your trust in our knowledge and skills if you choose to hire our firm.
  • Resources: We analyze tough cases. From expert witnesses to trial presentations, our Greeley assault lawyer will defend you fiercely at every stage of the legal process, using the right resources.

An inadequate defense of assault charges can result in unintended legal consequences. Ensure you have a legal team on your side to mitigate potential penalties and mount a strategy that protects your interests and rights.

Get a Legal Help From a Greeley Assault Lawyer

While many criminal cases settle outside of court, your lawyer should always be prepared to take your case to trial to protect your rights. Bill McAdams has tried many cases in his career as a prosecutor and defense attorney. He knows how to present your case and help you achieve positive results.

Avoid waiting to hire a Greely assault lawyer after an arrest. The sooner we can step in as your legal representation, the sooner we can start protecting your case. Giving yourself as many opportunities as possible is better than hesitating until they surpass your case, when applicable.

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