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DUI Defense And Driver’s License Protection

A DUI case has two separate and distinct parts:

  • The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) case, which is focused on your driver’s privileges and the potential suspension of them
  • The criminal case, which focuses on proving that you did commit a crime by driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If your DUI arrest was in Larimer County or Weld County, you know that it is almost impossible to get by without a driver’s license. The DMV case will often occur well before the criminal case is tried. There are times when you can win your DMV case, and that success can favorably influence your criminal DUI defense case.

An experienced attorney such as lawyer William (Bill) T. McAdams, whose criminal defense practices centers on defending clients in DMV hearings and in criminal courts against drunk driving and other criminal charges, can answer your questions and explain what you need to do in order to maximize your chances of keeping your drivers’ privileges.

Act Quickly To Save Your Drivers’ Privileges

Upon your arrest, Colorado law states that you will have only a brief window of time (seven days) to request a hearing from the Colorado Department of Revenue or the Colorado DMV to explain why your license should not be suspended. Failure to do so can result in your automatic loss of drivers’ privileges with no ability for a hearing. Factors that may be considered at DMV hearings include whether your job, your personal life and your family life are dependent on you being able to drive your car to your employment, to transport your children to school or to medical appointments and more.

Mr. McAdams understands that the cost of losing a driver’s license for up to a year or more can have ramifications throughout every area of your life, and he is here to use every avenue that he can to prevent that from happening. That is why he employs a variety of tactics to protect your drivers license.

On many occasions, attorney Bill McAdams has obtained:

  • Case dismissal in the DMV
  • Case dismissal in DMV that favorably affected the outcome of the DUI criminal case
  • Special allowance to drive to and from work
  • Prevention of license suspension
  • Reduction in the charges and thus avoid a hearing altogether

Helping To Protect Your Driving Privileges

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