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Greeley Traffic Offenses Lawyer

At McAdams Law Office, we know that traffic tickets and infractions can significantly strain your personal and professional life. We have defended the accused for over 20 years with knowledge, additional training, and legal resources.

A traffic ticket is not always “just a traffic ticket.” Police and prosecutors do not always get their allegations right, leading to more severe consequences and charges than reasonable, fair, or accurate. Our attorneys have won numerous cases based on our findings relating to their conduct and methods.

At McAdams Law Office, our Greeley traffic offenses lawyers can help by mounting a defense against your ticket or charges. We are ready to get you answers with a Free Consultation at 970-353-0000 or by messaging our legal team online.

McAdams Law Office Fights Traffic Offenses in Colorado

The McAdams Law Office helps clients who have been charged with a wide range of traffic offenses. We believe in quick and effective legal action to prevent unnecessary consequences from happening in the first place.

Our Greeley traffic offenses lawyer can help you defend against:

Regardless of city, county, or state prosecutors’ evidence against you, our legal team will help you weigh the cost and benefit of investigating their allegations and potential outcomes. This process can help our clients feel like they made a resolute decision from knowledge and facts.

The Impact Traffic Violations Can Have On Your Life

Traffic offenses can range in severity, and there can be severe consequences. A traffic offense can be more than just a simple speeding ticket, from fines to license suspensions to jail time. It is essential to have an attorney representing you who takes these charges as seriously as you do.

McAdams Law Office will fight for your rights against the following penalties:

  • Community service
  • Defensive driving courses
  • Driver’s license points added
  • Fines
  • Insurance rate increases
  • Jail time
  • License suspensions or revocations
  • Victim restitution

We understand how important a driver’s license is to your quality of life and will work hard on your behalf to ensure you can keep yours or get it back as quickly as possible. When you work with a seasoned Greeley traffic offenses lawyer, you get the benefits of their knowledge and experience in situations where you need the most help.

Why Hire a Greeley Traffic Offenses Lawyer to Fight Your Case

Some people do not view traffic offenses and infractions as serious or worth the cost. If you fall into this category, there are a few considerations you can make to determine if legal representation is worth it for you or not.

Here is how our Greeley traffic offenses lawyer might be able to help you:

Attend Court

You may disagree with the ticket or charge. In that case, McAdams Law Office will contest it in court. The good news is that we may be able to attend on your behalf without your having to take time off from work, school, or family. If your case goes to trial, you will have to attend court, but this is rare, and our legal team will stand by your side throughout the process.

Offers Legal Advice

Determining how to approach your defense within a legal context is very challenging. However, working with a Greeley traffic offenses lawyer will demystify the process so that you have knowledge and control in your hands.


The prosecutor may have enough evidence to convict you. However, that does not mean McAdams Law Office will stop there. If we can get your ticket dropped, dismissed, reduced, or beat in court, you can rely on us to inform you of this possibility and how we could move forward.

Hiring an Experienced Legal Team Could Be Critical

Some people are more heavily affected by traffic tickets and infractions than others, particularly when your job is on the line. You may want to defend your case at all costs with a Greeley traffic offenses lawyer if any of the following apply:

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Holders

CDL holders are held to the highest driving standards since they operate dangerous vehicles on public roadways. As such, a ticket could affect your ability to work. Speak with McAdams Law Office as soon as possible if this applies to your situation.

Multiple Tickets and Infractions

Multiple tickets can impact your ability to attend school, work, and care for your family. If you are facing a loss of your driving privileges, getting your ticket dropped, reduced, or won in court could prevent this situation from happening. Where we can achieve an ideal outcome, our Greeley traffic offenses lawyer will raise this point and bring it to your attention during the decision-making process.

Put an Experienced Firm on Your Side

If you are convicted of any traffic offenses, you may face mandatory suspension of your driver’s license and jail time. The best way to take action is to work with a legal team who protects your rights and explains your legal options.

Find out more about your situation and how we could help. Call McAdams Law Office for a Free Consultation by calling 970-353-0000 or through our contact form. We look forward to learning more about you and your legal objectives.

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