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Greeley Sex Offenses Lawyer

Being charged with a sex offense is a legal emergency and can carry a stigma that can have lasting repercussion on your personal and professional life. At McAdam Law Office will defend you against charges at a time when you need it most. Regardless of the alleged evidence prosecutors have against you, count on our firm to put more than 20 years of experience behind your case.

We will pursue all viable defense options while explaining them to you so that you know as much about your legal situation as possible. If we think your case will benefit from advanced legal strategies, McAdams Law Office will deliver by using modern analysis techniques and expert witnesses.

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McAdams Law Office Represents a Wide Range of Sex Offense Cases

Sometimes, a person can commit a sex crime without even knowing they are breaking the law. People even get caught in sting solicitation operations, where a police officer posing as a minor seeks to lure the person into solicitation. Cases involving sex charges are fodder for the media, and a reputation and a life can be destroyed instantly.

Our Greeley sex offense attorney will not sit by idly while your life changes entirely and will defend your charges under Colorado law:

A conviction on even a minor sex crimes charge can destroy a person’s life. Penalties for these crimes are incredibly steep, including significant jail time and the potential for having to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Ensure that you do not pay for a crime that you did not commit or goes unproven by hiring a Greeley sex offenses lawyer at McAdams Law Office.

A CO Sex Offense Conviction Results in Severe Consequences

Colorado, like all states, punishes sex offense convictions severely. That means, if prosecutors can prove you’re guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, then you will experience a significant disruption to your legal rights. However, we know they do not always get their facts, allegations, or evidence right.

If you hire McAdams Law Office to represent your case, we will mount a legal defense that aims to protect you from:

  • Imprisonment
  • Probation or parole
  • Fines
  • Sex offender registration
  • Psychological treatment
  • Victim restitution
  • And more

A sex offense is also a crime that carries a severe social and professional stigma. Employers, landlords, and licensors can quickly find out if you have a sex conviction on your record in Colorado. Hire a Greeley sex offenses attorney as soon as possible to investigate your charges and build a defense that tells your side of the story.

Our Legal Team Will Fight for Your Rights and Freedom

You or your loved one are facing some of the most severe charges in Colorado. However, reminding yourself that they are defensible when you put an experienced legal team on your side is critical. While every case is unique, the criminal defense lawyers at McAdams Law Office will consider the facts and circumstances from multiple angles to clear your name and protect your future.

Our Greeley sex offenses lawyer will also provide responsive legal care throughout the time we work together.

We Know What Is At Stake

Colorado sex offense convictions will significantly impact your life, and our legal team understands this concept. We will never take a cavalier approach to your case. Instead, our legal team will demonstrate how seriously we are handling your situation so that you feel like you made the right decision hiring us.

The Law Is Not Always Clear

State and federal laws are complicated, not only because there are many statutes, codes, and case laws to know, but they could also apply differently based on your unique circumstances. A Greeley sex offenses attorney understands these laws and their application implicitly, giving you more knowledge and control over your situation.

McAdams Law Office Can Help

Our legal team is empathetic to those accused of sex offenses in Colorado. Prosecutors may not have their facts straight, and even if they do, McAdams Law Office will double-check their work and look for other opportunities they missed in their investigation so that you do not overpay the justice system with your life.

Get Legal Advice From a Greeley Sex Offenses Lawyer

As a former Colorado prosecutor, lawyer Bill McAdams handles sex crime prosecutions and other criminal cases. He knows how prosecutors think in general and how to find the weaknesses in their allegations. Together, his legal team will leverage this knowledge to mount a legal defense on your behalf.

However, the sooner we can start protecting your case, the better. While all cases are different, some matters may benefit from early intervention by leaving their cases open to legal opportunities. Prosecutors will not share them with you, but our firm will act quickly when given a chance to get your case resolved before your next hearing or trial.

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