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The Benefits Of DUI And Drug Courts

For substance abusers who have been charged with a drug crime such as possession, the Colorado judicial system offers an alternative that focuses on treatment rather than punishment.

Commonly referred to as “drug courts,” this program exists because it has been that it is more cost-effective to give treatment rather than send them to jail. While it offers a more affordable solution, it also provides those who may not otherwise have access to treatment with the means to recovery.

At McAdams Law Office in Greeley, we will pursue all avenues that would result in the most favorable long-term solution for our clients, including drug court. We understand the system, and we’ll work hard on your behalf to get you onto the right course of action.

What Is Drug Court?

It’s a highly intensive program where the individual meets frequently with a panel of people and a judge in order to monitor progress. It holds the individual accountable for their actions through drug testing and meetings.

Drug courts not only free up space in jails and courts, but it also helps people get clean and stay out of the system in the long term. This benefits the community, families and the workforce.

In order to be eligible for the drug court system, you must meet certain criteria and be referred by someone such as your lawyer. It’s important to work with an attorney who understands all of your options and can help you find the path that will have the most desirable outcome.

DUI Court

This same type of system also exists for habitual DUI offenders. While the treatment requirement, alcohol monitoring and court appointments are increased, the jail time will drop dramatically. In addition, there is an incredibly high success rate, which makes drug and DUI/sobriety courts an appealing option for everyone involved.

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