I had hired Bill and Jonathon to help me with a Charge of domestic violence. Never once was I confused, or had the feeling of being isolated and alone. They listened and put together a such a strong case that the prosecuters didn’t stand a chance. Thank you very much for believing in me and taking my case!

Brock C.

I highly recommend Bill. He is the best attorney around. He knows exactly what he’s doing, exactly what he is talking about. Law And defending his clients is his thing and he is extremely good at it. Bill and his team were always extremely responsive and professional. I am so pleased with the outcome of my legal matter. I am happy and relieved to say that my case was dismissed. Dealing with the legal system was so extremely stressful, and it was a huge relief to be able to had finally found and be represented by Bill. Anytime I had any questions he was always a phone call away. He always took the time to explain everything to me. Again I highly recommend Bill McAdams In my opinion he is the best attorney in Colorado!

Keisha C.

Bill McAdams and his associates provided me with the utmost professional service. Over the course of my case they were always there to answer all my questions of which there were many. They provided me with a feeling of security and that my case was going to be handled properly and get me the best outcome possible. I can’t thank Bill and his associates enough for the service they provided. I would recommend Bill and his associates if you are looking for an experienced team to handle your case! Thanks Bill!

Jonathan S.

Mr. McAdams is an extremely knowledgeable attorney with a great and informative staff keeping you updated every step of the way. I am more than satisfied with the outcome of my case. I give the whole law firm 10 out of 10.

Colton M.

Bill McAdams and his associates and paralegals have been wonderful to work with. Bill’s knowledge and patience yielded the best possible result for me today in court. I’m truly greatful for his services and would recommend him to anyone in need of criminal defense attorney. In addition to that, I firmly believe my representation was worth every penny and Bill has accommodated me in such a way that made him as affordable as possible. 5 stars.

Tracy I.

Bill and his dedicated associates worked with my case for over two years. The outcome resulted in a completely dismissal of all charges. After constant plea deal efforts from prosecutors, Bill stood his ground and we won our case! Highly recommend if you find yourself needing a professional criminal defense attorney.

Andrew K.

Bill is a highly reputable criminal defense and DUI defense attorney. I recommend the firm to friends and family. I personally had a speeding ticket from Greeley and Bill was able to help be get it reduced to no points.

Joel D.

I usally do not post reviews but the service I got was above and beyond. ANYONE looking to hire an attorney in Greeley,CO needs to stop looking and call McAdams Law. I had previously hired another attorney that was not able to resolve the matter after months of trying. After reading the reviews I decided to give them a call. This morning, a very short time later; Mr. McAdams called me to say he got everything fully dismissed!!!! I can not under state how great my experience with the office was and the fee I was charged was very reasonable.

Jonathan A.

This is long overdue. I am so pleased with Bill and his team. I hired Mr. McAdams for a case in which I was charged with a DUI without any physical evidence from the other side. I did my research and spoke with many attorneys in the area. Bill and I first spoke over the phone. After our first meet, I knew he was the only attorney I wanted in my corner. He was straight forward and did not try to sell himself. He told me how the case could go and how it could end up. As a business man myself, I respected this and he gained my trust right from the start. Knowing I didn’t do what they accused me of, we took it all the way to trial. Through out the whole process Bill and his team would always answer my calls and meet with me when I had any questions or concerns. To watch Bill defend me in court, I can’t describe the feeling of knowing I had the right guy by my side. In the end, the verdict was not in our favor. It was the jury’s decision. Let me reiterate that Bill went above and beyond doing his job. Even until the end, he fought for me during the sentencing. Because of his passion for my case and his hard work, the outcome of the whole case was more than I expected. In the end, I am very pleased and would recommend the McAdams Law Office to anyone in need of a great, passionate, hard working, and personable attorney for any matter in which they may need one. Thank you Bill, and thank you to your team!

Aren C.

I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my experience at the McAdams Law Office. My initial phone call was with a very friendly and helpful secretary. She listened to my rantings about my problem and made me feel that everything was going to be alright. She scheduled me for a phone call with the attorney. Mr. McAdams called me promptly and I was immediately impressed with his professionalism. He spoke to me in a way that I could understand. He explained everything to me including the possible outcomes of various situations. Mr. McAdams treated me like a person. He didn’t try and intimidate me or use language that was too difficult to understand. Although I know I wasn’t his only client, he and his staff made me feel as though I was. Mr. McAdams is an attorney who is truly there for the client and works extra hard to get you the client the best deal possible. I have recommended McAdams Law Office many times and I will continue to do so.

Jr D.

Bill was amazing at helping me through every step of the legal process. I had never been In this type of a situation before and it was great to have soseone who could break things down for you so you understand them. Bill got me the best possible outcome in my case which has allowed me to move on with my life. I highly recommend his office for anyone in weld county.

Branden B.

Bill clearly communicated everything during the process and was very easy to work with.

Alexa H.

This review comes with extreme gratefulness to Mr. McAdams and his staff for all of the hard work they put towards helping me and my family. Not only did his experience and knowledge ease the pain of my case he was able to get it dismissed before we ever even went to trial! I would most definitely recommend Mr. McAdams and his staff to anyone needing help with their case. All the best to you guys!!

J S.