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Greeley DMV Hearings Lawyer

If you received a notice about a DMV hearing and want to defend your driving privileges, hire the Greeley DMV hearings attorney at McAdams Law Office. We have more than two decades of experience helping hardworking Coloradans get the justice they deserve. Our legal team will review the evidence against you and thoroughly investigate law enforcement’s methods.

If we find any inconsistencies or violations, we will present these facts in a favorable light and at the right moment. Find out more about how our legal representation could turn your case around. Call McAdams Law Office for a Free Consultation at (970) 353-0000 or by completing our online contact form.

Our Greeley DMV Hearings Lawyer Defends Your Driving Privileges in Court

Losing your right to drive is professionally and financially stressful. Not only do you have to arrange alternate transportation methods, but your family’s well-being and job may be on the line.

In these times, it is vital to remember that your legal issues are defensible either or at your next hearing. McAdams Law Office will protect your legal rights and focus our efforts on getting you the results you deserve.

Our Greeley DMV hearings attorney represents individuals facing the loss of their licenses at:

You can count on our firm to examine the facts of your case from a critical lens. If the police or prosecutorial conduct occurs, or if they have the facts incorrect, A Greeley DMV hearings lawyer at McAdams Law Office will tell your side of the story with evidence and according to Colorado criminal procedure codes.

DMV Hearings Are Different Than Other Criminal Matters in CO

The DMV and criminal courts operate differently. Since these matters occur more frequently than others, DMV hearings are designed for speed and ease of process while still acknowledging the legal need for the state to prove its case against you and allow you to defend yourself.

Here are a few other differences to note between DMV hearings versus other criminal matters:

Difference 1. They Can Affect Your Criminal Case

You might also be facing separate cases in a city, county, state, or federal court while handling the suspension of your license with the DMV. If this applies to you, your Greeley DMV hearings attorney may have the opportunity to cross-examine police under oath in the DMV hearing that you can use in your separate criminal matter.

Difference 2. They Are Less Formal But Still Serious

DMV hearings are less formal than state and federal criminal matters. However, it would help if you still prepared your defense since your driving privileges are on the line. Until the judge renders a final order, you have every fighting chance of getting your rights back.

Difference 3. They Are Administrative Hearings

DMV hearings are administrative and cannot, in and of themselves, result in prison. Only criminal courts can render an imprisonment judgment against someone. Your Greeley DMV hearings lawyer can help you with this issue, even if you are dealing with other charges.

Legal Representation for Matters Affecting Your Driver’s License

When someone faces the consequences of multiple traffic offenses or a DUI arrest, one of the most frequent questions they ask is, “Will I lose my license?” This question can be challenging to answer, and answers vary in many ways since every case is unique.

At the Greeley McAdams Law Offices, our DMV hearings attorney strives to help you accurately plan a strategy for success while pursuing the best possible results in Colorado administrative proceedings, including license suspension matters.

In Colorado, you may lose your driver’s license for numerous reasons:

  • Point accumulation due to revocation, suspension, or denial
  • Multiple DUIs or DUAIs
  • Driving with .08 BAC or higher as an adult and .02 or higher if under 21
  • Driving under revocation, suspension, or denial
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Failure to keep adequate insurance on your vehicle
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Not providing a breath sample per CRS § 42-4-1301.1

DUI and Your Driver’s License Suspension

When you have been charged with drunk driving or driving while your abilities are impaired (DWAI), your ability to get to and from work may be severely limited because your license may be suspended or revoked for a significant period. The best results are achieved with a Greeley DMV hearings lawyer who understands the law, knows how DUI/DWAI cases are prosecuted and will ensure your rights are protected.

You Have Seven Days From Your Arrest Date to Request a DMV Hearing

If you have been charged with DUIs or DUAIs in Colorado, you have only seven days from the date of arrest to request a hearing with the DMV. If you fail to do so, your license suspension happens automatically. If you request a hearing, however, the Colorado Department of Revenue and Department of Motor Vehicles requires a hearing within 60 days and that your driver’s license must remain in good standing until the outcome of your criminal matter is determined by the Colorado state courts.

Red Licenses

These probationary licenses are often issued when you lose at the DMV administrative hearing, and your license is suspended. The DMV considers several things to determine whether a probationary license should be issued.

These include the seriousness of the violations, availability of other forms of transportation, whether your employment is based on your ability to drive, your need to take children to and from school, and whether someone is dependent on you for transportation to medical care.

If the hearing officer allows a probationary license and then sets driving limitations that you violate, your driving privileges will be instantly revoked. You can rely on your Greeley DMV hearings attorney to determine the possibilities available to get your driving privileges back.

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