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Loveland, CO Juvenile Defense Lawyer

The Loveland, CO juvenile defense lawyer at McAdams Law Office takes a protective stance when defending children charged with crimes. For over 20 years, we have helped families argue for or negotiate a favorable outcome for the given circumstances. We will work with you and your child to devise a solid case strategy backed by legal knowledge and a compassionate approach.

No one can give you trustworthy answers and advice like an attorney can during this challenging moment. Call McAdams Law Office for your Free Consultation at (970) 353-0000. We also welcome you to message us about your case via our contact form.

We Will Help Your Family Through Your Child’s Charges

Colorado recognizes a Juvenile Justice System under C.R.S. Title 19, Art. 2.5. It is a court reserved for people under the age of 18 who allegedly committed a crime. The juvenile court, unless transferred to the district court for trial as an adult, will oversee the due process of the law and, if convicted, may consider placing focus on rehabilitation versus harsh penalties.

A Loveland, CO juvenile defense attorney at McAdams Law will help you determine your legal options when facing the following charges:

Your child should not disrupt the most formidable period of their lives by accepting responsibility for an unfounded crime. McAdams Law Office takes the concept very seriously. We will hold the prosecutor, police, and judge accountable to legal standards that apply to juvenile matters so that no one takes advantage of their rights and vulnerable position.

McAdams Law Office Is Ready to Help

Your child deserves the best possible outcome for the given situation. However, it is your responsibility to prove what that is and why. Hiring a Loveland, CO juvenile defense lawyer can help you accomplish this objective.

If you hire McAdams Law Office to represent your case, you will be working with a legal team committed to:

  • Investigating the charges
  • Preserving exonerating evidence
  • Negotiating with prosecutors (if best scenario)
  • Offering ongoing advice to your family
  • Fighting your case at trial (if you choose)

Our law firm was founded by a former district attorney. While every case is unique, we have experience in understanding how the courts could handle things from a general standpoint. Even if the prosecutor takes a different approach to your case, you can count on us to adjust your child’s defensive strategy.

Get Legal Help from a Loveland, CO Juvenile Defense Attorney

Your child has not yet had their day in court. Try to remember prosecutors may not know as much about a specific incident or activity as they think they do.

Avoid discussing the details of it with anyone, including friends and extended family members, and get legal advice as soon as possible. Schedule a Free Consultation with McAdams Law Office by calling (970) 353-0000. You can also message us here about your case.

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