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Loveland, CO Traffic Offenses Lawyer

The Loveland, CO traffic offenses lawyer at McAdams Law Office has defended traffic offenses, citations, and violations throughout Colorado for more than two decades. Our legal team has resources, training, and experience that we put behind every case, regardless of how ‘minor’ it seems.

We know that protecting your driving privileges is critical to your personal or professional life, which is why we examine every case from a fresh perspective. If there is a way to clear your name and get out of the ticket or charges, rely on us to bring this information to your attention and pursue your favored option.

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We Defend Traffic Offenses, Citations, and Violations

Traffic offenses are those committed when operating a motor vehicle, primarily moving and non-moving violations. A moving violation is when your vehicle is in motion at the time of the offense, while non-moving indicates that your vehicle was stopped or parked.

Regardless of what happened in your case, a Loveland, CO traffic offenses attorney at McAdams Law Office can defend your rights against:

The prospect of losing your license can wreak havoc on your life, whether you need your vehicle for work, school, family, or play. Put McAdams Law Office on your side when you need to build a defense that protects your driving privileges.

A Loveland, CO Traffic Offenses Lawyer Will Help

Traffic violations are more than just a ‘mark’ on your permanent record. They can up-end your entire life, especially when you are dependent upon a motor vehicle to get around, as is the case for many Coloradans.

If you get a traffic violation in Loveland, get in touch with McAdams Law Office to determine what prosecutors can prove and how you could best defend your charges going forward based on our opinion and initial findings.

McAdams Law Office Will Put Up a Tough Defense

Receiving a traffic ticket or getting arrested for a violation does not mean that you are automatically guilty. If you hire our legal team to represent your matter, we will explain how the law applies to your situation and what we can do to mitigate or prevent negative consequences.

You can also rely on our legal team to:

  • Handle communications with the court and prosecutor
  • Use legal resources that clear your name
  • Investigate your offense and preserve discoverable evidence
  • Head to trial if you believe that is the right choice for your case
  • Provide ongoing support and counsel

You do not have to accept responsibility for a crime you did not commit. The Loveland, CO traffic offenses attorney at McAdams Law Office will defend your charges and look for every feasible route to get them dropped, reduced, or won.

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For over 20 years, our legal team has spent time, training, and resources on exonerating those who stand accused of committing a traffic offense. We have past district attorney experience, and while we do not claim to know what they are thinking about in your case, McAdams Law Office can help you anticipate what to expect in general.

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