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October 2014 Archives

Traffic stops may lead to shaky arrests for drug offenses

In Colorado and all other jurisdictions, special issues arise when a drug arrest emanates from what started out as a traffic stop. Most recently, this happened in Colorado Springs when an officer observed a "suspicious" vehicle, which prompted him to run the plates and determine that the registered owner of the car had a revoked license. In the aftermath of the traffic stop, the driver, a 44-year-old female, was arrested on traffic and drug offenses.

Teacher is on leave after committing alleged sex offenses

 A survey of the state laws nationwide that deal with sexual offenses reveals an explosion of new laws to cover every conceivable sex act, and including a number of acts that are only sexually suggestive. Furthermore, state laws on sexual conduct are often duplicative of each other. In order to defend against a slew of sex offenses under Colorado law, a defendant is well-advised to find a criminal defense counsel who has done substantial work in the subject area.  

Police accuse 5 men of drug offenses by making, selling meth

Methamphetamine penalties in Colorado are severe and uncompromising. For drug manufacturing, an individual can get up to six years for a first offense involving seven grams or less. If the drug offenses involve manufacturing more than seven grams the punishment can be as high as 16 years. If the defendant is convicted of making more than four ounces of meth, the sentence can go as high as 32 years.  

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