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December 2015 Archives

No word on criminal defense plans for Colorado psychic

The company Lacoste is likely most well-known for the expensive clothing that it creates, but a member of the company's founding family is now a key player in a Colorado criminal case. Authorities claim that a local psychic created a scam that netted hundreds of thousands of dollars from Victoria Lacoste. It is not yet clear if the defendant has made any definitive decisions concerning her criminal defense.

Colorado students off the hook for sex offenses charges

The advent of smart phones with built-in cameras has created a new way in which people choose to capture and share images. These pictures can range from the mundane -- such as an image of a meal or child playing -- to the more extreme. A recent sexting scandal in Colorado schools not only prompted concerns among parents and administrators, but it also raised the question of whether the minors involved should be charged with sex offenses.

Criminal defense may exist for woman arrested for menacing

In Colorado and nationwide, there is little sympathy these days for those who make threats of violence against authorities or private organizations. If anything, such events are treated with far more prosecutorial concern than may have previously been the case. In the current atmosphere of gun violence and domestic terrorism, people tend to forget or even to dishonor a very basic tenet of our criminal justice system: every accused person must be provided with a vigorous criminal defense and a fair and impartial trial.

Colorado man soon to learn fate drunk driving conviction

Some Colorado residents progress through life without ever having a negative interaction with law enforcement agents. Others seem to repeatedly find themselves facing charges associated with any number of criminal offenses in court. Sometimes, an alleged infraction might be for a very minor offense. Other situations, however, might involve drunk driving charges or issues such as felony offenses that will likely carry severe penalties if a conviction is handed down.

Colorado man arrested for alleged domestic violence incidents

Colorado police respond to various types of emergency calls each day. Some incidents involve domestic violence issues. Depending upon the circumstances of an individual situation, officers may or may not take one or more persons into custody after investigating an alleged domestic violence incident.

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