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No word on criminal defense plans for Colorado psychic

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Posted By | December 29 2015 | Felonies, Firm News

The company Lacoste is likely most well-known for the expensive clothing that it creates, but a member of the company’s founding family is now a key player in a Colorado criminal case. Authorities claim that a local psychic created a scam that netted hundreds of thousands of dollars from Victoria Lacoste. It is not yet clear if the defendant has made any definitive decisions concerning her criminal defense.

The alleged scam reportedly began when Lacoste entered the psychics’ store in search of someone to read her tarot cards. Lacoste and the psychic apparently became close after that, with the psychic stepping into the role of a so-called spiritual advisor. Worried that she was being pursued by evil spirits, Lacoste brought her psychic gold coins in order to help ward them away. It is what happened with those gold coins that led police to file charges.

It is believed that the psychic in turn pawned the gold coins to the tune of approximately $150,000. She is also accused of misleading Lacoste about the intended purpose of not only the gold coins, but also of other monetary gifts and payments. These gifts were used for the psychic’s own personal benefit, police claim.

Now facing a felony charge for theft, the woman was briefly held behind bars before she posted $50,000 in bond. These types of criminal allegations can carry quite serious consequences if convicted, including a possible 24 years in prison. For most Colorado defendants, it is well advised to begin constructing a solid criminal defense foundation in as timely a manner as possible. Taking advantage of available time typically helps those facing serious criminal charges to determine if they would rather try to negotiate a plea deal or fight the allegations to their fullest extent through trial proceedings in order to pursue the best outcome possible for the situation.

Source: CBS News, “Colorado psychic Becky Ann Lee accused of scamming Lacoste family member“, Dec. 24, 2015

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