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Posted By | June 23 2021 | DUI, Firm News

An overview of field sobriety tests while high

If a patrol officer conducts a traffic stop and suspects that the driver is under the influence of a drug, it is difficult to ascertain whether their suspicion is correct. In the departments that have them, a drug recognition expert (DRE) determines if the full DRE evaluation process needs to occur at the station using…

Posted By | June 17 2021 | DUI, Firm News

What should I do if police pull me over after a night out?

Summer and increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates mean that people are ready to get back to some semblance of normalcy. For many, normalcy involves going out to restaurants, bars and parties with friends. As such, now can be an excellent time to remind Coloradoans about what to do if police pull them over for suspected drunk…

Posted By | June 10 2021 | DUI, Firm News

What are the consequences of refusing a blood alcohol test?

If a police officer has probable cause to arrest for you driving under the influence of alcohol, he or she will ask you to take a blood alcohol test. You might consider refusing if you believe you will fail. In Colorado, anyone who operates a vehicle on the roadway has given their express consent to…

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