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Posted By | September 23 2015 | Domestic Violence, Firm News

Domestic violence and assault alleged after gunshot incident

Following an altercation at a Colorado residence on a recent Saturday, a man was hospitalized with a gunshot wound. Deputies from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office were called to a home around mid-morning to check on a reported domestic violence incident. They were informed that gunshots had been heard. Upon arrival, deputies found a man…

Posted By | September 17 2015 | Drunk Driving, Firm News

Colorado man could face felony charge for DUI

If individuals are accused of driving under the influence, they will likely face charges that could come with serious consequences. In many states, and recently in Colorado, repeat DUI offenders could face felony charges. Felonies can lead to more severe punishments if a conviction occurs, but before a conviction can take place, the case must go…

Posted By | September 10 2015 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Colorado woman charged with child abuse after infant death

Some individuals may be accused of criminal activity even when a situation could potentially have been an accident. In cases where individuals are charged with child abuse, those parties may wish to ensure that all the relevant information surrounding an alleged incident is heard. Therefore, individuals may wish to work on creating and presenting a…

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