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Posted By | June 26 2014 | Felonies, Firm News

Colorado woman charged with solicitation to commit murder

Relationships often sour, and comments made to those outside the relationship can land people in serious trouble if those comments are passed on to law enforcement and viewed as threats. In some cases, a criminal defense must be mounted against charges stemming from misconstrued comments made related to a relationship. A 20-year-old woman from Colorado…

Posted By | June 18 2014 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Man with murder conviction charged with sex assault in Colorado

When you have a criminal conviction in your past, people tend to automatically assume the worst of you when your name comes up in connection with something negative. Even when someone is trying to get his or her life back on track, one accusation can easily turn into a horrible experience. For example, a man…

Posted By | June 10 2014 | Domestic Violence, Firm News

Could pot-fueled hallucinations affect Colorado domestic case?

With marijuana sales now legal across the state of Colorado, criminal courts may have some new questions to ask and answer about how to treat cases arising from the use of the substance. Could the voluntary consumption of legal marijuana and resulting intoxication be used as a mitigating or aggravating factor in a case? What…

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