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April 2015 Archives

Colorado man faces DUI, other charges

When an individual is charged with a crime, there could be considerable cause to explore legal options. The options available could depend heavily on the charges that a party is facing. Individuals who have had DUI allegations leveled against him or her may wish to follow a different avenue than parties facing other charges. Because each case is unique, accused parties should assess their circumstances as they proceed legally.

Colorado man's mental state may be used in criminal defense

When an individual is not in the right state of mind, he or she may make statements or carry out actions that other parties may consider inappropriate or even illegal. If the situation becomes a legal matter, charges could be filed. As a result, an individual may want to determine how his or her mental state could play into criminal proceedings and in potentially creating a criminal defense.

Colorado woman pleads guilty to theft, other charges

The legal system is in place in order to allow individuals to have the opportunity to defend against allegations that may be leveled against them. Rather than simply being charged with a crime and sentenced, accused parties have options to consider, such as creating a defense or possibly pleading guilty. If a party is facing a theft charge, he or she may wish to gather more information on ways to handle the situation.

Criminal defense may be option for Colorado car service driver

Many individuals may feel as if an idea they have could be considered a good one. Unfortunately, some parties may not think through a situation completely or consider the possible repercussions. As a result, an individual could be accused of participating in alleged criminal activity. In such a situation, charges could be filed against a party, and he or she may want to consider options for building a criminal defense.

Man convicted in Colorado DUI accidents has rulings overturned

Being convicted of a crime can follow a person long after he or she has completed his or her sentence. Charges and convictions can remain on a person's record, and those records may be viewed by possible employers and other individuals in the future. Therefore, it is important that an individual is not wrongfully convicted of a crime such as felony DUI.

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