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Colorado man’s mental state may be used in criminal defense

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Posted By | April 22 2015 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

When an individual is not in the right state of mind, he or she may make statements or carry out actions that other parties may consider inappropriate or even illegal. If the situation becomes a legal matter, charges could be filed. As a result, an individual may want to determine how his or her mental state could play into criminal proceedings and in potentially creating a criminal defense.

A case involving a Colorado man could be examining that man’s mental health after he was taken into custody for allegedly stalking a relative and making threats. It was reported that the man believed that the relative and her husband had not been properly running their family business, and he repeatedly sent her numerous text messages. The man also apparently called police and stated that he intended to shoot the relatives.

It was reported that the female relative stated that the man suffered from bipolar disorder and other mental health problems. After other threats were allegedly made, authorities searched the man’s home and located loaded weapons and additional ammunition. The man was taken into custody on allegations relating to the weapons located inside the home, and while in custody, he reportedly hit an inmate, which led to a felony menacing charge.

When an individual suffers from mental health problems, it is important that the individual receive help for those issues. If left untreated, disorders can severely affect a person’s ability to make decisions, and as this situation shows, an individual could face criminal charges. However, the mental instability of an individual could potentially be used as part of a criminal defense, and information on using such tactics in Colorado court may be helpful.

Source:, “$1.5 million bail for man charged with stalking relative“, Barbara Vitello, April 15, 2015

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