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Colorado woman charged with solicitation to commit murder

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Posted By McAdams Law | June 26 2014 | Felonies, Firm News

Relationships often sour, and comments made to those outside the relationship can land people in serious trouble if those comments are passed on to law enforcement and viewed as threats. In some cases, a criminal defense must be mounted against charges stemming from misconstrued comments made related to a relationship.

A 20-year-old woman from Colorado already under investigation for potential child abuse now faces charges of solicitation to commit murder after the man she allegedly spoke to about killing her ex-boyfriend reported their conversations to the police. According to reports, the woman sought the death of her ex-boyfriend, in whose family’s house she was living when the child abuse investigation began.

The child abuse charges stem from the choking death of the woman’s 15-month-old son. Though the 20-year-old woman was not at home when paramedics were called to for assistance, paramedics found the boy had suffered other injuries, prompting an investigation into potential child abuse that includes her ex-boyfriend.

The man who claims that he was solicited went to police after allegedly recording at least seven conversations he had with the woman. In each, she reportedly gave him advice on how to commit the crime without being caught. The solicitation allegedly began in late May, around the time of her son’s death, and the man went to police with the claim that the woman believed she had created a perfect elaborate plan for the murder.

Solicitation to commit murder is a serious charge that can have enormous repercussions. Those facing such charges should strive to ensure that their defense is as strong as possible, and they may benefit greatly from working with a criminal defense lawyer.

Source: CBS 4 Denver, “Idaho Springs Woman Charged With Arranging To Have Her Ex Killed,” June 19, 2014

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