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Colorado man could face felony charge for DUI

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Posted By | September 17 2015 | Drunk Driving, Firm News

If individuals are accused of driving under the influence, they will likely face charges that could come with serious consequences. In many states, and recently in Colorado, repeat DUI offenders could face felony charges. Felonies can lead to more severe punishments if a conviction occurs, but before a conviction can take place, the case must go to trial. In such instances, many individuals will likely want to create and present a defense against the allegations.

One man in Colorado may want to work on such a defense due to recently being accused of driving under the influence. It was reported that the man was involved in a car accident, though details on the accident were not given. It is unclear how many vehicles may have been involved in the alleged event. 

It was reported that the man was charged with DUI, and this incident will be considered his ninth drunk driving offense. Because the state recently put a law into effect, making the fourth and any additional DUI offenses felonies, the man could potentially face felony charges. The man’s blood-alcohol content level was not given in the report, and it was not stated whether any chemical or other sobriety tests were administered. 

Due to the context of the man’s case, he may wish to become more knowledgeable about the new Colorado law and how he may be affected. If he is charged with a felony for DUI, determining his options for defending against the charges may be a prudent step to take. Furthermore, the man may also want to consult with his legal counsel in order to gain other valuable legal information.

Source:, “Man suspected of 9th DUI in Colorado Springs“, Sept. 9, 2015

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