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Domestic violence and assault alleged after gunshot incident

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2015 | Domestic Violence

Following an altercation at a Colorado residence on a recent Saturday, a man was hospitalized with a gunshot wound. Deputies from the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office were called to a home around mid-morning to check on a reported domestic violence incident. They were informed that gunshots had been heard.

Upon arrival, deputies found a man who had suffered a gunshot wound. He informed officers that the person who shot him was still present in the house. He was transported to an area hospital for treatment of injuries to his hand. The armed man was located inside the house, and he was arrested after he surrendered to the police officers. He reportedly complained of feeling sick and was taken for treatment to a hospital.

There was no mention of the circumstances that led to the apparent altercation. The armed man was charged with assault, prohibited weapon use, menacing and domestic violence. Court records showed that the accused man was most recently charged in 2010. His criminal history apparently dates back to 1987 and includes harassment and domestic violence that was reduced to disorderly conduct after a plea agreement. He pleaded guilty to various charges over the years, including criminal mischief and trespass, DUI and resisting arrest.

Colorado residents who are accused of crimes related to domestic violence may benefit from the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer will assess the circumstances and the charges, and handle negotiations if any plea deals are offered. If the case goes to trial, an attorney with trial experience can protect the client’s rights and fight for an optimal result.

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