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Posted By McAdams Law | March 5 2023 | DUI

How Can You Get A DUI If You Don’t Feel Drunk?

Driving under the influence is not always as simple as drinking a bunch of alcohol, feeling extremely dizzy, and getting behind the wheel of a car. There are many instances in which those who do not feel particularly drunk get pulled over and arrested for a DUI. To learn more about how you can get…

Posted By McAdams Law | February 14 2023 | DUI

Colorado Implied Consent Laws

In any state, driving is a privilege and as such, all drivers must respect the laws of that state. Once a motorist gets behind the wheel of a car or other automobile, they must follow certain rules, like no drinking and driving, respecting the speed limit and other posted signs, and any other roadway rules….

Posted By McAdams Law | October 31 2022 | DUI, DWAI

Common Errors in DUI Cases: How to Avoid Mistakes and Improve Your Defense

Regarding a DUI case, it’s the state’s responsibility to bring a rock-solid case against you. Your legal team’s goal is to mitigate as many potential pitfalls in your defense as possible – and that means not falling prey to common mistakes when preparing for your day in court.  Before you’re expected to show up to…

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