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Posted By McAdams Law | February 1 2021 | Drunk Driving, Firm News

Who is a persistent drunk driver under Colorado law?

In the Centennial State, even a single conviction for driving while ability impaired or driving under the influence of alcohol may have significant legal penalties and serious life consequences. For example, you may lose your driving privileges, employment opportunities or even college scholarships. You may also spend some time in jail. If you become a…

Posted By McAdams Law | December 1 2020 | Drunk Driving, DUI, Firm News

Why Colorado does not insist on using the zero-tolerance law

The zero-tolerance law exists for drivers under the age of 21, but the BAC threshold is actually 0.02%. The state of Colorado does not always enforce the zero-tolerance law for young drivers. What are the reasons for this and how do courts determine penalties for DUI or DWAI? About zero tolerance The zero-tolerance law applies…

Posted By McAdams Law | May 26 2020 | Drunk Driving, DUI, Field Sobriety Tests, Firm News

Options for defending against DUI charges

Accused drivers facing drunk driving charges need to know who they can defend themselves against the charges they are facing because of how serious the penalties and consequences of a DUI are. There are different options for defending against DUI charges depending on the situation which is why accused drivers need to know what they…

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