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Get the facts about DUI court diversion programs

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Posted By McAdams Law | April 26 2021 | DUI, Firm News

If you face charges of driving under the influence in Weld County, you may qualify for a diversion program. This specialty court provides treatment for individuals who have a diagnosis of substance use disorder.

Review the qualification criteria for Colorado DUI court if you struggle with the use of drugs or alcohol and have associated criminal charges.

Eligibility for DUI court

To enter this program, you must be at least 18 years old, live in Weld County and have more than one DUI conviction. DUI court is not open to individuals facing charges of vehicular homicide or with a history of gang-related, violent or sexual offenses. If you meet the minimum criteria, you must agree to follow the regulations of the program, including random substance testing, individual and group therapy, and regular court appearances.

Phases of the program

During the first four weeks, you will receive an orientation to the program during Phase 1. Upon meeting all requirements, you move onto Phase 2, Stability. You must go to sober living groups, attend support meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, and either have a stable job or school situation or be in the process of obtaining this type of routine.

The next phase focuses on sober living skills for at least 26 weeks. Then, during Phase 4, you learn skills for relapse prevention and begin to prepare for graduation from the program. Finally, the 12-week Maintenance phase requires final transition to a stable sober living situation.

Upon graduation from DUI court, you may qualify for a reduced sentence and possibly avoid jail time.

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