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What happens when you have a probational license?

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Posted By McAdams Law | January 11 2021 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Colorado may issue a probational license, also called a red license, if you have convictions for traffic violations. This license allows you to drive only to and from specified locations, typically work only.

Review the probational license provisions if you are facing suspension of your Colorado driver’s license.

The application process

You can apply for a red license if you have a Colorado suspension for motor vehicle points or failure to pay child support. Before applying, you must pay all tickets and court fees.

When you attend the hearing for your suspension, you may request a probationary license from the hearing officer. If you received a suspension without a hearing, you can request one from the traffic court where you live.

To receive the red license, you must produce a $6 fee, evidence of auto insurance and a letter confirming your employment location. You must also surrender your standard driver’s license to the court.

Probationary license rules

The probationary license usually remains valid for 90 days. While you can use it to commute to your place of employment, you cannot obtain a probationary commercial license if you drive for a living.

You are not eligible for a probationary license if you have other pending tickets. If a law enforcement officer stops your car and you are not driving to work or another approved location, he or she can confiscate your red license and reinstate your suspension. This will also occur if you get another traffic ticket while driving with a red license.

Colorado drivers can receive a license suspension for getting 12 license points in 12 months or 18 points in 24 months.

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