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A DUI conviction, a license suspension and your future

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Posted By | November 14 2018 | Criminal Defense, DUI, Firm News, Traffic Offenses

Perhaps you were partying with some college buddies, had a couple of beers, then got in your car to drive home.

Unfortunately, you were driving somewhat erratically and law enforcement pulled you over on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. You are scared and very concerned about losing your license. What now?

More than your license at stake

You need your driver’s license. You live in a rural area and drive more than 30 miles to classes at Colorado State. You also interviewed recently for a part-time job. Yet these are short-term problems. What about your future and the career you are looking forward to once you graduate? Employers run background checks on job applicants as a matter of course. If there is a DUI on your record, a recruiter might pass you over for a candidate who has a clean record and appears to be more responsible.

Next steps

As a first-time offender, you will want to learn about your legal options. For example, after your arrest on a DUI charge, you will only have seven days to request a hearing with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles, so you need to act quickly. You must explain to the officials at the DMV why it would be a hardship for you to lose your license. If you win your case at the DMV, it will help you with the next matter: the criminal aspect of the charge against you. Criminal penalties include possible jail time, mandatory public service and a hefty fine.

The insurance issue

In order to get your license back, the DMV may require you to show proof of insurance, and your policy must satisfy the minimum requirements in Colorado. However, because of the DUI, your insurer may consider you a high-risk driver. The company could cancel your policy or issue you a new one at a much higher premium.

Remain positive

All is not lost when you are charged with DUI. For example, there may have been a problem with your arrest or with the breath test you took. The judge could reduce the penalties you face and the charges against you might even be dismissed. Stay positive and remember that you can protect your rights, along with your driver’s license and the plans you have for your future.

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