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We can help you keep your driving privileges after a DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Apr 29, 2016 | Drunk Driving

From traveling to school and work to simply transporting groceries home, the ability to drive a motor vehicle can have a profound impact on a person’s life. However, a single DUI charge can change all of that. Most people in Colorado already know that their licenses will be suspended following arrests for alleged drunk driving, but not everyone is aware that these suspensions can be fought.

Following a DUI-related arrest, defendants only have a single week during which they may contact the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles — the DMV — for an administrative hearing on the matter. Failing to request this hearing is what leads to the automatic suspending of a person’s driver’s license. Upon requesting the hearing, it will be scheduled within a 60-day time frame, while hinging on the stipulation that a defendant’s driving record stay in good standing by avoiding any other driving infractions during that time period.

The outcome of the administrative hearing can be any of the following — the defendant retaining his or her driving privileges and license, the suspension of a regular driver’s license with the issuing of a red license, or the complete loss of driving privileges. A red license allows defendants to continue to drive under certain situations. These situations typically include driving to and from work or taking someone to the doctor for medical care.

A DUI charge can be difficult enough without losing driving privileges too. We understand how important it is to our Colorado clients to retain some normality during criminal proceedings, which is why we continue to guide them through administrative hearings. While retaining full driving privileges is not always possible, our firm has a proven track record of standing up for our clients’ rights.


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