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How will a DUI affect my work reputation?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Criminal Defense, DUI

One innocent lapse of judgment is all it takes to receive a DUI charge. Making the excuse that you are okay to drive after a couple of drinks and a bit of fun is all it takes to impact your life in a big way.

The state of Colorado takes impaired driving very seriously. In addition to any immediate consequences of your DUI charge, there is the possibility that the arrest will become public knowledge through newspapers and online records. If you do not form a strong defense against your DUI conviction, it could seriously affect your current employment and your work reputation going forward.

Coworkers and clients may see you differently

Even though many DUI charges are the result of a single simple mistake that could happen to anyone, there is still a public perception that a DUI indicates a habit of irresponsible behavior. Coworkers and employers might hesitate to trust you with important tasks. If you are a business owner or contractor that works intimately with clients, there is a possibility that your workload will decrease if word gets around about your criminal record.

You might lose your job

There are many professions in which a DUI is grounds for immediate termination. Teachers, nurses, and professionals who drive or operate machinery will likely lose their jobs if they are not found innocent of drinking and driving.

The implications of driving while under the influence are far-reaching and severe. Building a strong DUI defense is essential for protecting your reputation in the wake of an arrest.


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