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Can my new prescription medication lead to a DUI?

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Posted By | March 22 2022 | DUI, Firm News

Facing an illness or injury can mean weeks or months of medications and rehab. You likely have a lot on your mind, but you may not be considering a potential charge for driving under the influence.

Medications often come with long lists of side effects. However, you may be more focused on feeling better than the possible issues you could have on your way home after taking your medicine.

Here’s what you should know about prescription medications that could lead to a DUI and how you can avoid it.

Typical types of meds that lead to DUI

You may know that medication that impairs your driving could lead to a DUI, but many medications fall in that category. You should be extra cautious if you are taking medicines for conditions, such as:

  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep
  • Depression
  • Weight loss

These medications typically have ingredients that cause drowsiness, blurred vision, inability to focus or fainting, making it dangerous to drive.

Check before you drive

When you receive a new medication, you should, first, talk to your doctor about potential side effects. You should also ask how it will interact with other medications you are taking.

After talking to your doctor, you should also look at the label for additional side effects. You should look for phrases like “do not operate heavy machinery,” as this is an indication that you should not drive while taking this medicine.

In addition to being dangerous, a DUI can have serious consequences. When it is time to start your medication, you should make sure you have someone who can help you with driving if your body responds in a way that would make it unsafe for you to drive.

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