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How much does insurance increase after a Colorado DUI?

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Posted By McAdams Law | March 29 2021 | DUI, Firm News

When a law enforcement officer stops your car and asks you to take a breath test, you may have concerns about how to move forward. A Colorado conviction for driving under the influence leads to serious consequences, and while some of those repercussions are criminal in nature, others are financial.  

Per, a conviction for DUI in Colorado may cost a considerable sum after factoring in fees, fines and related expenses. Once you add in the additional money you may have to pay for car insurance after a DUI, you may find that your conviction takes even more of a financial toll. How much does car insurance typically rise in Colorado after a drunk driving conviction? 

Insurance increases

Nationally, motorists with DUIs see their insurance rates rise about 80% following their convictions. In Colorado, you may see less of an increase, but it is still a substantial one. After a first-time DUI conviction, the average Colorado driver’s insurance rates rise 69%. To put this in perspective, if you paid about $1,675 a year for insurance before your conviction, you may pay closer to $2,834 a year for coverage afterward.  

Non-renewals and cancellations

Depending on where you get your car insurance, you may encounter additional hurdles when it comes to finding coverage. Some insurers may cancel your policy after a DUI. Others may gouge your rates.  

Even if you prefer to stay with your current insurer after a DUI, consider securing a couple of additional quotes. Companies use different variables to set rates, so there may be a big difference between what one company charges and what the next one does.  

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