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Are you eligible for drug court in Weld County?

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Posted By | December 22 2020 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

A Colorado drug charge may lead to serious consequences, including jail time and hefty fines, among others. If you meet certain criteria, you may be able to enter into a Weld County adult treatment court as an alternative to doing time. 

If eligible, the county’s adult treatment court may help you get your life back on track by essentially forcing you to follow strict program terms and conditions. If you fail to comply with the program’s terms, you may wind up back in jail after all. How do you know if you might be eligible for inclusion in Weld County’s adult treatment court? 

Eligibility requirements

To potentially gain entry into treatment court, you must be a Weld County resident with an open criminal case that involves a new offense, a probation violation or a violation of a deferred sentence. Furthermore, your substance dependency must have been a primary factor in your offense. 

Additionally, you must meet specific diagnostic criteria for having a substance abuse disorder or dependency to undergo consideration for drug court. 

Exclusionary factors

There are also certain circumstances that exclude you from possible inclusion in drug court. If you have a conviction or a deferred sentence for a sex offense, vehicular assault or homicide, or another offense that resulted in a serious injury or fatality, this prevents you from enrolling. Being a gang member or having certain arson and burglary charges, among others, may also make you ineligible for treatment court in Weld County. 

If you gain entry into drug court, the program may help you develop the skills you need to stay sober and avoid reoffending. 

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