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Don’t say these things if you’re pulled over for suspicion of DUI

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Posted By | June 15 2020 | DUI, Firm News

Any time you take to the roads of Colorado, it’s critical to do so with your safety and well-being in mind. This means many things, such as avoiding alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

Despite the dangers of drinking and driving, this is a relatively simple mistake to make. For example, you don’t think you’ve consumed too much alcohol at dinner, but you soon find it a challenge to safely operate your motor vehicle.

If an officer pulls you over for suspicion of DUI, there are things you should and shouldn’t do. There are also things you should and shouldn’t say.

There’s one thing to always keep in mind: You have the legal right to remain silent, so you should never answer a question that you don’t understand.

Here are a handful of things you should never say to an officer if they pull you over for suspicion of DUI:

  • You don’t have the right to pull me over: Yes, it’s true that an officer needs probable cause to pull you over, but that’s not something you should bring to their attention. If you’re charged, you can use this to your advantage in court. But until then, keep your thoughts on probable cause to yourself.
  • I didn’t do anything wrong: As aggravated as you are, don’t let this sneak out of your mouth. When you say this, it gives the officer more reason to believe you’re covering something up.
  • I only had one drink: You say this with the hopes that the officer will believe you and let you go about your business. But in all actuality, you’re admitting guilt. Furthermore, it gives the officer reason to dig deeper, such as by asking you to submit to a Breathalyzer test.

There is sure to be a lot going through your mind when you see police lights in your rearview mirror. And that’s especially true if you have alcohol in your system.

Although it’s a high stress situation, knowing what you should and shouldn’t say will calm your nerves. Should the officer put you under arrest, keep your cool and once you’re released you can turn your attention to your legal rights and defense strategy.

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