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How to approach a DUI checkpoint

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Posted By | March 25 2020 | DUI, Firm News

As you approach a DUI checkpoint, every bad thing imaginable may be running through your mind. And that’s especially true if you’re under the influence of alcohol or have another reason to believe that an officer may put you under arrest.

Fortunately, when you know how to approach a DUI checkpoint, you lessen the likelihood of an arrest and improve the chance of driving away after nothing more than a brief conversation.

Here are some tips to guide you as you move through the many steps of a DUI checkpoint: 

  • Slow down: Once you realize you’re driving into a checkpoint, slow down, stay where you are and take direction from the officer up ahead.
  • Take caution if you’re going to turn around: You’re not required by law to go through a DUI checkpoint, but you must be careful of how you avoid it. For example, if you make an illegal U-turn, you give police a reason to pull you over. And since they know you wanted to avoid the checkpoint, they have reason to believe you’re under the influence.
  • Don’t say too much: You are not required by law to provide anything more than identifying information. So, if there’s a question you’re not comfortable with, you don’t have to answer it. The best thing you can do is stick to the basics.
  • Don’t do anything that makes you appear intoxicated: For instance, if you make up a story and ramble on about where you’re going, it will look like you have something to hide. The same holds true if you speak strongly about your legal rights and how you’re being violated. Don’t give the officer any additional reason to pay attention to you.

The way you approach a DUI checkpoint can be the difference between driving through without trouble and finding yourself under arrest.

If you’re arrested at a DUI checkpoint, now’s not the time to resist or say too much. Keep quiet and follow direction until you’re released.

After you’re free, review your paperwork and circumstances of your arrest as you take the first steps in devising a defense strategy to help prevent a conviction.

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