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Mistakes to avoid if pulled over for suspicion of DUI

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Posted By | February 28 2020 | DUI, Firm News

Make no bones about it: Police in Colorado are on the lookout for anyone who appears intoxicated while driving. Even though they don’t know for sure, if they have any reason to believe you’re under the influence there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself pulled over.

If you’re pulled over for suspicion of DUI, it’s natural for your nerves to kick into overdrive. And when that happens, you’re more likely to make a mistake that you would have otherwise avoided.

Here are some of the many mistakes that could plague you if pulled to the side of the road for suspicion of DUI:

  • Being rude and disrespectful: Yes, you have rights. And yes, you may have some frustrations if you’re 100% sober. However, you shouldn’t let this affect your attitude, as being rude and disrespectful paints a bad picture.
  • Explaining your legal rights: You don’t have to explain your legal rights to the officer, as they know what they can and can’t do. Keep your knowledge to yourself, as you don’t want to come across as a know-it-all.
  • Saying too much: You’ll want to answer basic questions, but stay away from anything that could incriminate you. For example, if the officer asks if you understand the consequences of driving under the influence, it could be a set-up. Explain that you don’t understand their line of questioning and you’d rather not say anything else.
  • Consenting to a search: The officer must have probable cause to search your vehicle, such as spotting illegal drugs or a weapon. They don’t have the legal authority to pry open your trunk or simply open a door for a closer look.

Even if you play everything the right way, you could still be put under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. This is a big deal, as a conviction can carry serious penalties, but you’re not to that point just yet.

Don’t resist arrest or say anything the officer could use against you in court. Follow directions, move through processing at a local station, and wait for your release. From there, you can review your arrest and the documents provided upon your release. This will help you formulate a DUI defense strategy to protect your legal rights.

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