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Needing to drive after license suspension may have you seeing red

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Posted By McAdams Law | November 28 2019 | Drunk Driving, Firm News

You made a mistake, and you lost your right to drive because of it. But managing your responsibilities can be nearly impossible without a car. While you may have to wait a long time before your license is fully reinstated, you may be able to get a temporary reprieve.

Colorado offers a probationary license, often referred to as a red license for the crimson strip across the top. If your Department of Motor Vehicles administrative hearing didn’t go as planned, this could be your best option for getting back on the road. It’s not a guarantee that your hearing officer will grant your request, so you’ll probably have to convince them that it’s an acceptable course of action.

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You likely have the right to request a probationary license, but you certainly don’t have the right to receive one:

  • Seriousness: The severity of the circumstances that got you here may come into play when you’re looking for a probationary license. The hearing officer may not allow the request if your actions resulted in injuries, or the field test showed an extremely high blood-alcohol content.
  • Requirements: You’ll likely need to show that there is good reason for them to grant you a license. And it will probably be purpose-driven, so there may be rules regarding when and where you can drive, like going to work, attending school or visiting the doctor. Your license could later get stripped away if you’re found driving outside set boundaries.
  • Options: With reason also comes need. If there are readily accessible ways for you to get where you need to go, the hearing officer may not see a dire need for a probationary license. Sharing rides and using public transportation could be enough for you to make it to your destination.

Getting back on the road may be crucial to keeping up with your day-to-day life. A license suspension can impede your ability to live up to daily obligations, but a temporary solution could let you meet your essential needs.

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